At the crisp age of 20 I adopted my first pets and became a mama to two beautiful kittens, Finley and Greta. I rescued them from a farm that could only have the kittens outside, which wasn’t their best bet for surviving our cold Canadian winters. Little did I know that Greta wasn’t well. She had been stepped on or kicked, which is fairly common on a farm with large animals, and passed away on Thanksgiving Day due to internal injuries. As one could imagine I was absolutely devastated. My first pet had died two days after I had brought her home. I felt so distraught and kept overthinking what else I could’ve done to help her. I thought that maybe if I had done something differently I could’ve saved her. The poor little girl barely got to live. After a brief grieving period I decided it wasn’t fair to her sister Finley to be sister-less and alone while I was at school or work. So in came kitten number three, Mila. I adopted her from a nearby farm and brought her home thinking her and Fin would be the best of friends. I was very wrong. Fin had taken our home as her territory and was not open to sharing. We quickly googled how to introduce kittens to each other and learned putting them in the same room right off the bat was the worst thing to do – whoops! After some more reading, I closed a door separating the kittens so they could pick up each others scent and paw at each other under the door, without harming one another. I only opened the door to let them play if myself or one of my family members was home to supervise and separate them when things started to get ugly. After about two days we felt comfortable enough to leave the door open without us supervising (aw they grow so fast). They soon became the best of friends!



They were both born in August and are only one week apart – I can’t wait to throw a joint first birthday party! In their first few months they have had so many adventures. They went from being farm cats to indoor cats so that has been quite an adjustment (and struggle at some times). Mila still loves to go outside and play in the raspberry bushes and under the deck, which I imagine is like a huge kitty fort for her, we just try to keep her within the limits of the backyard. She often escapes the house when we go in or out, making us late for wherever were headed! She truly is an outdoor cat at heart but winter in southern Alberta is not a place where a kitten would thrive, so for now she is kept indoors with some supervised play time outside. She’s a pretty happy girl but I bet she will be a lot happier when spring rolls around and she can play more outside!


They have also had their very first kitty Christmas! They completely destroyed the tree but that was a small price to pay for the entertainment they provided. All of the trees branches were bent downward as if being weighed down by a heavy blanket of snow. It truly was a Charlie Brown Christmas tree by the time they finished with it. In anticipation of Christmas the kittens had a blast tearing open gifts and crawling into get bags. On Christmas day amongst all of the gift opening and wrapping paper being thrown, they had an absolute riot, and my family and I enjoyed sharing our Christmas with our new family members. Next year I don’t think we will be getting a tree just because of the mess it made and we know it’ll just be destroyed again. Any ideas on what we could do instead of a tree?


I’ve been told I might be a little lenient with the rules of where they can and cannot be, but its so hard to say no to those big eyes! My perspective is that if Im keeping these two adventurous animals in the barrier of a house, the lease they deserve is the be allowed in most places in the house. I don’t let them on the table or kitchen counters for sanitary purposes but everywhere else is pretty much fair game. hat being said, I would love any tips you might have for keeping these little explorers off of the table and counters because I’ve tried different sprays and nothing has worked so far so I’ve just been saying ‘no’ in a stern voice and putting them down onto the floor. Usually just saying ‘no’ in the stern voice gets them to scatter off but if I could prevent them from going up in the first place that would be ideal.


The two kittens that started off as enemies are now the best of friends who love cuddling together, chasing mice together (fake), and playing with each others tails. If you ask me thats BFF goals.


Thanks for reading and if anyone has any favourite cat toys, best brands of litter, or any other cat merchandise please share below!

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