Hi readers! So as you already know I’m targeting three aspects of my life that I want to start improving this month.

The first of the three is sleep. I’ve never been good at falling asleep at a decent time and in return waking up when I need to. I’ve done a bit of reading on how to get a better sleep and there are so many tips and tricks out there but I decided to start small and only pick one. This will help to make sure I follow through without giving up because I tackled too much at once. So what is this change I’m making to improve my sleep? I am no longer sleeping with my phone in my bed. I have and iPhone so I’m using the bedtime setting to control and regulate how late I use my phone. At 10pm everyday the nighttime mode turns on and I plug it into charge, set my alarm, and leave it until morning. This may seem like and easy task but I’m very much a person that loves to scroll through every social media platform until all hours of the night – hence my sleeping problem. So far I have been successful in this challenge and I am determined to stay on this path!

Moving on to the second goal of mine – nutrition! Growing up I was always a really slim lanky little bean and as I’ve grown older and my metabolism is starting to slow, I haven’t made the appropriate changes necessary to stay a slim little bean. That being said, my body shape is very important to me because its the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to bed. Look good feel good right? I once read that abs were made in the kitchen and I fully believe that. I struggle with self control when it comes to food, and usually have trouble stopping until I’m absolutely stuffed and feel uncomfortably full – not good. In the past I have tried making big goals to change my eating habits but it has never worked out and I believe that is due to the fact that I set the bar too high for me to reach and set myself up for failure. So I’m going to keep the bar low for my first month on this journey and only pick one goal. After thinking long and hard I’ve decided that portion control is going to be my starting point. Cutting out junk food and goodies is going to be too much to fast and it will lead to me cheating and being disappointed in myself. Sooooo I’m going to be using the MyFitnessPal app to help me track how many calories are in the foods I’m eating so I can better control my intake. The app also reports thing like levels of fat, protein and carbohydrates so that is also very helpful in tracking what I need for my body to be healthy. Wish me luck because this is my hardest goal of the month!

And thirdly is getting this body on the road to being a hottie lomattie with a swimmer tight body (Hannah Montana reference lol). As I said above, having a good looking body is important to me and so of course I need to eat well but I also need to exercise. This isn’t only about looking good but also building up some muscle and feeling strong (because who doesn’t feel good about themselves when they feel strong and solid?!) This goal is easier to set because I can schedule the gym in my calendar and call it a day. For me, getting to the gym is the hardest part because I have a very busy schedule and frequently use the excuse that I don’t have time. By scheduling it in my calendar in advance I have no excuse to skip it. My goal for the month of January is to hit the gym twice a week all month. This first week of the month I’m actually at a ski trip getaway so my ‘gym’ for the week is skiing so its not quite following the rules but I’ll make an exception because its Christmas holidays and skiing is still a really good work out!

So thats a wrap for my January goals! Happy new year everyone and best of luck to you with your goals for the year/month/day!

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