A new year is a new opportunity for change. Every year I tend to make a few resolutions that I forget about within a week or two, which seems to be a trend beyond just myself. This year I wanted to make a resolution that would last so I’m taking a different approach to a ‘resolution.’ Typically when I make a resolution I feel like it needs to be a huge change because I want it to make an impact on my daily life, but after reflecting on my past year I realize I’ve been thinking about it all wrong.

Twenty seventeen has been jam packed with some of the best moments of my life thus far, and also some of the most challenging. If I have learned anything from the challenges I have faced it’s that even a small change can have a big impact. So thats my big secret – I’m going to make a few small changes to my daily life to grow and develop into a better me. What are these small changes you may ask? Well, I have a few that I’ve already put into motion but I don’t believe that goals or ‘resolutions’ should only be made annually. Soo my main ‘resolution’ for twenty eighteen is to take some time at the beginning of each month to reflect. By doing this reflection I hope to look back on what I did well that month, habits that might need some work, and time to set some new goals to improve my daily life.

So as I said before I’ve already put some of my goals and changes into action for the month of January. First and foremost I had to sit down and think about the aspects of my life that really need some help. I came to the conclusion that my body is the biggest thing holding me back right now. So what does my body need to thrive? Glad you asked! My main focuses for the month of January are sleep, nutrition, and fitness. As most of you know none of these are easy challenges so I don’t expect to make huge progress in only one month. This is where reflecting every month will come in! The small changes I’m going to make to improve these aspects of my life may not work for me, so actively assessing my progress will help me figure out what worked and what didn’t. I’m very excited to enter this new year with a positive attitude and willingness to change myself for the better. Watch out world – a better me is coming!

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